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Same S#*t Different Goal


This is the worksheet I used to keep myself on track during this challenge. It was super helpful to have a plan during the day. I printed one for each day, but you could modify it for your needs and write it all on one if you want;) Its flexible...a…

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Worksheets for Episode 5

Kristten's financial challenge took a wild ride. We're creating a whole other set of worksheets and checklists for identity theft. But until then, we hope these worksheets can be helpful!  

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My Obnoxious Water Bottle and Ants on a Log: Worksheets for Episode 4

Kristten's goal this week is a vision board and Katie's is writing in a gratitude journal. She is planning on spending 20 minutes a day journaling. 

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Gallon Challenge and Veggie Challenge Worksheets for Episode 3

We are rolling into week 3 with new goals. Kristten's goal is to drink a gallon of water each day (THROUGHT THE DAY NOT ALL AT ONCE...THAT IS DANGEROUS) and Katie's is to add a vegetable component to each meal and snack.  We want YOU to join u…

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Get out...and do something and Get S#*T Done worksheets from Episode 2

This week we had some daily challenges to meet our goals. Kristten did 20 minutes a day outside (and its FREEZING in Iowa in January FYI) and Katie did 30 minutes of something productive each day.  We're including our downloads (Get Out & …

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Morning Routine Checklist from Episode 1: Wash your face and brush your teeth

According to our heavy google research getting up at the same time each day and doing a skin care routine is good for you. In Episode 1 we review our progress, and you can hear that we did, indeed, wash our faces, brush our teeth, and get up at the …

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